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Everything about proper care

Walking keeps you in good shape – and so should your shoes. Care for your shoes at regular intervals, they will thank you! We have summarized useful tips for you here.

Important tips when putting on and taking off your shoes

Protect the back cap of your Handmacher shoes by putting them on with a shoehorn. Beside being faster and much more convenient for you, this also prevents damage. When taking off your shoes, the laces should be untied and loosened. Wear your shoes for a maximum of one day. Leather shoes need about 20 hours of rest before the stored moisture has evaporated again.

Shoe trees extend the lifespan

Shoe trees bring your shoes back to their original shape and extend the life of the entire shoe considerably. In contrast to plastic tensioners, wooden shoe trees absorb moisture and remove it from the shoe. Insert the shoe tree into the still warm shoe and make sure that it fills the shoe over a large area and the tension is evenly distributed.

Proper care for the leather

Always use the right care products from a specialized retailer for your Handmacher – whether as a shoe polish, spray or liquid care product. Fine leather shoes should be cleaned with a soft brush or a soft cloth. Velour or nubuck leather, on the other hand, can be cleaned with a crepe brush (natural rubber) and then treated with a spray or velour care product. Please polish smooth leather only after the care products have dried, using a horsehair brush or a soft cloth!

Tips for storing your shoes

If you want to store shoes for a long time, e. g. until the next season, these should be thoroughly cleaned, maintained and stretched beforehand. Be sure to store the shoes in a dry, dust-protected place in an air-permeable material, for example in a shoe bag. Place the shoes in a way that the sole of one shoe does not scratch the upper leather of the other.

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