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Finding the right sole for your Handmacher.

Classical & elegant: the leather sole

Leather soles have a long tradition and are usually used for high-quality leather shoes. The natural fabric ensures that your Handmacher shoe is still comfortable at the end of a long day at the office. In addition, it’s breathable, so your feet always stay dry. We offer leather soles with 6mm and 8mm thickness, whereby the thinner sole adds an extra touch of elegance to your shoe.

Our leather soles with rubber tip – or rubber insert in the middle when it comes to lady’s shoes – provide additional fixation.

Last but not least: our golf sole. It’s our speciality and turns each of our handmade shoes into a real golf shoe.

Ideal for outdoor use: the rubber sole

Compared to the leather sole, the rubber sole is much better suited for wet and damp conditions. Gritting salt on winter roads isn’t a problem either. This means that rubber soles are the better choice, if you spend much time in your shoes outdoor. In order to match sole and leather, we offer rubber soles in black, white and honey color.

Good to know: The black rubber sole is available in coarse and fine processing. The fine sole is more subtle, the coarse one is recommended for Chelsea Boots and for heavy outdoor use.

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